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Friday, January 6, 2017

what soul wouldn’t? 1/6/17

I hurt more deeply from falling up.
suffering from light heartedness,
where inspiration pushed me.
ache from intoxicants that want to kiss,  
dazed by where this thinking comes into me.
some people calls this intoxicating headiness.
to me it feels like homespun via cloud-nine.
here there are tranquil pools of bliss-levity.
gravity is politely carefree with its manner.
happy-go-lucky is a streaming way of life.
innocence is as serious as one can get.
nobody finishes their sentences.
there is only one theme,
as if a cloudless day.
the reign of conclusions ended long ago.
nothing is over-simplified, but evidently so.
experience is as a widespread empathy,
as if somehow a constancy of group-embrace.
high contrasts haunt me still and I shudder
as if reality, with its invisible smirk,
is waiting for me to comeback to splat-land .
happiness is this pain of letting go
but what soul wouldn’t?

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