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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

To think of the un-thinkable 1/25/17

If I use information
then I am reduced to only audience participation.
If I cogitate
then I am manipulating information
possibly yet not fully disclosed?
If I experience
then I am a captive of my receptivity
as a limited part of the whole?
If I understand what I am attempting to do,
I am at the mercy of a predicament
that already defines my position
as limited to think.
At this point, everything evidential
is only distracting
from this embodiment of the whole.
My think is already dynamically limiting
and yet meant to be elemental.
Think is an exposure of a “you are here” mark
on a map of assumptions
grander then think can mirror into recognition
without also producing separation from it.
Think is a form of soft suicide from oneness.
Think, dependent upon conclusions, defies the essence
or the isness of beingness.
Think, by its un-state-able rules of function,
already is committed to the isolationist view
offered as general experience.
Mass as form is an indulgence
ladened with experiential consequences
and the subsequent addiction of reality
as possessed with it.
Language is generally a bonding agent
towards that end.
I go to that place of no space within
where no think occurs
but consciousness is continuous.
To think of the un-thinkable
is my form of incantational surrender.
I leave words from thoughts
and think from the un-thinkable
to be one with us all . . .

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