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Monday, January 9, 2017

all that being said 1/9/17

we are a groping asymptomatic species. 
we test positive for logic.
we are somewhat disabled by our expectation syndrome
and a memory retention that features stills
rather than the study of the means 
of how change as a given, keeps happening.
we have a bystander’s version of futurizing. 
peer-review expresses our outer limits.
we are a full speed ahead vain-wreck.  
species that have been around for millions of years 
still can’t take us seriously or cooperatively
in their day to day life.
if we think we get it right,
it turns out to be a small minded version of worth.
we have a god helping us
as an independent resource beyond our means.
ET’s must cover their faces 
so as to not show puzzlement.
pragmatism is our rosary of repetition.
if there is a collective mind 
a squeaky wheel is pivoting for it to occur.
if love was water 
we would all feverishly swim 
in order not to drown.
yes, there is the need for quiet achievers,
and life for some, 
appears as a lifetime logjam, 
all that being said,
none of it truly dampens spirit to cause.
any next moment and light appears.
sure, sometimes the contrast is overwhelming
but the draw to the sublime and the refined
is more than compelling. 
and next moments come, that reveal and redress.
in evolution, no moment repeats itself.
conclusions are abandoned for the intake of being.
whatever the chapter heading or book title,
each story reads with and towards the light,
however novel the survival means may appear.
all that being said,
eventually the mind will surrender.
spirit will rise and over-souls will become bright.
and you may find yourself to be in that company.
no matter the backstory you would tell,
the eventual decode will spell, oneness,
spawn by diversity but sprung open by love . . .

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