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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

the language from down under 1/11/17

the language from down under
no, no, not the country
but the language from down under, deep inside
so humanly recognizable, say as cursing
and then also, the mutterings,
the straight up swearing
that carries the banner of explanatory pride
of course, nothing intended to be cognizant
but very much the reveal
the presentation of the tumultuous upheaval
the emotional blathering from deep within
those kept puppies of repression and insult
that now have day-life of verbal delight
the screeching creatures of the dark night
that have found sound as their flight
like bats out of the self-cave,
in darkness they come
verbals that hardly address pronounceable speech
sure some do,
as if there is a directedness intended
beyond the necessity for release
the pent-ups, the brewing dirge,
the false-accusationals
all wanting a deep breath of loudness in flight
plundering the soundscape as if in a conquering
the pent-ups and the issue-bounds
seeking an exercise yard
they are the harvest of the emotionally unsaid
they are exactitudes of ardent self oppression
they who have laid dormant within
like bulbs of discomfort now finding their season
they come to blossom
with feelings as tones are their colors
they bloom with bellicose and breath aggressiveness
the lips that ride shotgun are pursed in nasty tango
the rest of the face, an appropriate costume of support
the howl is in a tone-register from within
cerebral interpretations are not needed
every animal within hearing distance understands
so let’s not confuse anguish with angst
for there is nothing intended to be existential about it
this is meant to be an in-your-face but not by summary
what you hear is a welcoming to another’s soul
spoken in a language beyond understanding or story
you either get it or are aghast
you are either bilingual as in native tongue and primal
or not at all familiar with the language from down under
a dictionary won’t help but empathy will
you have been unexpectedly invited
to place where few have traveled into another
it is a room with no windows
yet emotional posters cover all of the walls
there hasn’t been fresh air in there for quite a while
it has personal signature on low light display
adjust your senses and keep an open heart
and a translation will eventually come
that you fully down-under language understand . . .

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