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Friday, January 20, 2017

beside-myself 1/20/17

I’ve come to know the ‘beside-myself’.
we’ve come to meet each other incidentally
through intermittent introspections.
but nothing topical was ever part
of our inward initial conversational exchange.
we just happen to bump into each other
on separate independent missions
yet working for the same cause
but on different plains.
and in this world of vagueness as recognition
it was remarked, in a face to face sort of manner
“ you seem kind of familiar,
do we per chance know each other from before?
you seem faintly recognizable.
it is as if we have worked at the same places in the past
but at different times,
lived in these same neighborhoods,
had a sense of familiarity with the same settings
but didn’t know each other
or of each other in the first person
yet we were working for the same cause
but from varied and different perspectives
and it seems quite evident
that we do not have the same urgency of timelines.”
all of this being said in an exchange that had no words
but only presence as its means.
beside-myself now has occasions.
we’ve come to sip and explore
but not by force of entry or inquiry as a need.
thee, being like an angel to me
and I, a means on a different plain
yet feeling much appreciated,
not knowing the why or the how.
I am bolstered and expanded though, somehow.
I flourish more frequently with each of our meetings.
I am beside myself at times and prosper.
are we all this way in discovery?
sort of angels to ourselves
in service to greater-than causes?
a band of one eventually reuniting?
beside-myself takes my hand at times
as if we are but the same hand, the same action
under the same cause.
do we eventually dance our way into you and yours?
do we all hear, at times, the same song
but not know others hear it also?
and have I ever been beside-myself to you?
an angel in disguise,
and even to myself but not “besides” . . .

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