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Sunday, April 24, 2016

28th contemplation of desire 4/24/16

Because our righteousness ventilates our deep-seeded frustrations and our vindictiveness distances our deeper convictions, our sense for self-isolation reveals a deeper sense of incompetence as our categorical style is lacking in operative human understanding. Please know that our desires still seem more wondrous and child-like, even though they are dwarfed by these circumstances and swaddled in morphying symbology. Archetypically, we may be only acting out rather then living desires' alive. For from within, we each pace our own relative closeted process. We are searching for less impeding perspectives. We are seeking a buoyant opening of being, regarding less the established custom or the familiar downturn of response. Desires, our own personal desires, may appricably be attenpting to intervene . . .

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