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Friday, April 8, 2016

master this Koan observed 4/8/16

Cupped the hands of the mind,
placed them into an expanse,
scooping up a liquidity of time.
Finding us, as always there.
Adoration lifts this as an appreciation.
There is confirmation from within.
Winged messengers of thought elevate as if with this brush
the content of this thought-paint would kiss the air
in passage, scenting the journey to canvas as consciousness.  
Across time frames, maybe centuries, as this brush travels,    
blossomed with ignited thoughts,
emotions baring colors of admirable confirmation,
meeting this now and consumed imaging in doing so.
Brush stroke after brush stroke,
come out as if from an amnesia, fertile with delivery,  
respectful worship is secreted in every thoughtform caress. 
This paint of projection never dries, being tears of joy.
The images keep shape-shifting, exuding the mystery, 
revealing beyond any efforts’ intentions.
Shimmers of now’s presentation provide deep passage. 
Drawn from beyond, reveling in an ecstasy,
only consciousness itself warmly as containment.
No event is withholding as nectar passes
by presence and by mind-sight.
Expression is but reeds to what breath is, 
as passing breeze.          
All emotional postures are yogas of appreciation.  
All cells penetrated, perfume the space between atoms.    
For to leave speech and abandon thought, demystified.  
Oh to give up conjure to have eternal as keepsake.
Where there is conundrum, vast seems withheld.
The mind is but a belly dancer, courtesy, its observer.       
The emotional bias of thyme-lavender-rosemary comes.  
There is mental adoration and momentary pause.
For where it truly matters, there is a oneness,
a trickledown into experience as seduction.                   
There, spirit, secretes a river into the sea of common soul.
All ways are voyages and full return.
And we, to master this Koan, yet observed.

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