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Friday, April 22, 2016

that look, the carriage, and beyond 4/22/16

so, look into the face of death,
study it, as it is coming through
it cannot touch the spirit of you, incapable.
yes, we all will have that chance
even if not in last moments staring.
but now that you have and studied it, somewhat
not knowing what specifically to look for,
what is there to see?
is there a transcendence coming through,
no matter the apparent battle that you currently face?
do you see the stubbornness in your face, there is?
do you see how unconscious habits have persisted?
the lack of self-love promoted as life lessons?
the persistence of false belief’s rewards?
the staggering ego relevance vastly afloat,
yet the irrational energetic, undeniably present?
your reaching out in auric overtones to others?
the contradictions of you that finally smile through?
and still, in spite there of, a transcendence?
your spirit, you came to know in residence from within?
that you found ways to glimmer as encouraged?
behind however minimal the self dialogue that was
between your spirit and your consciousness for then.
you found your ears for hearing those conversations?
some of those did not take but others did blossom
as grateful for the self insight from deep within you      
and the livingness went on into reverence and with stature.
For me, I want from the fragrance of you
from where in your distance, you touched me deeply.
from even before where the tree is a seed to be,
before myself is confined to secretly justify this, as caring.
I am onto the scent of the inner you.
I would not have let you task
or service your life in front of me.
At least not unless those actions evidently evolved you
before me eyes, and I was sacredly, the wiser for it!
I wanted your rage, before you die
to be of me as a vibrational candor about life,
secrets from your empty-fullness transmitted and received.
There are a thousand times in your life
I wish I had anonymously come up to you
and looked deeply into your eyes
or inadvertently said
or unceremoniously touched you,
all for the same purpose:
to remind you, to rejoice within you,
to re-enkindle for you, to reflect upon you
in such a way, as if I were tending
a rich soul-fire in the wilderness of a new moon night.
Grateful for the warmth forthcoming,
appreciative of your clean burn,
so served by the thoroughness of your deep presence.
That you should know but without distraction,
that you should feel but without containment,
that you should realize as a connectivity
but without the need of proof or linger or bind 
as you would process this as a momentary oddity in time.
there is a oneness inferred
and a realness you have always deeply savored
but essentially not fully realized.
My intention is upon you
going forward, beyond this life,
through the death of you, impending
I am touched as we continue
across the realms imposed
swept in continuance and the carriage that blesses me
I am always of you
as that look, the carriage, and beyond . . .

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