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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

how can I help? 4/20/16

‘How can I help’ is a blunder, a misnomer.
It is a contract, when done unconsciously,
doomed to big-picture failure.
Oh sure, the obvious gets attended to.
The actions apparently resolve the issue at hand.
But that contract, done that way, yields a failure,
for all parties continue in their vain of attention.
For if your intent is to be a help,
then you should access the situation fully and deeply.
Then ask yourself quite privately.
Does this situation provide a conscious way for me
to evolve in the doing of this exercise of helping?
Surely, it looks simple enough in appearance
and obvious in the need and works to done.
But inwardly and most creatively,
in order to benefit all parties involved,
there is a spiritual need for you to find
the light of your being in the doing at hand.
Surely there is other leverage or motive
as impulse or urging,
yet still there is a need to see more deeply
into the spirit sense and source yourself from there
to task to the needs of others.
For some, this is a given or a risk that leads to discovery
and a cathedral of unexpected worth inside them.
For others, the challenge of motive, hordes the awareness
and does not embrace the richness possible.
For being in service requires a soul-source space
so that by the obvious as effort appears to others,
the blessedness of your being comes
to enhance the environment and the presence of others
as by these opportunities to interact
and yet, be undisclosed to the inner journey of yourself
in the way that you are serving.
Help is not really the obviousness of service
as much as it is an opportunity of spirit as presence
serving all parties.
‘How can I help’,
is a premise of self love then self love shared
where actions be the disguise
but also part of the deliverance . . .

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