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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

beckoned beyond the circumstance 4/19/16

symbology is entrapment of mind-shackles.
what we may know is only partially true
or powerfully and blatantly untrue.
as long as we have topics of injustice
or correction recount on the mind,
it is only a game of three card Monty
to keep our complaining in tow.
deconstruction of circumstance with vision
based on face to face is necessary.
there is so much pent-up from the past
to be released that it clouds the present
towards any clearer principled future.
deep thought-provoked action is necessary.
disassembling the legalese jargon
and the regulatory methods used as distancing
and the denial of hidden motives agenda is needed.
so much of catharsis is now
only act-outs of frustration and pent up emotional views
that reflect the past by familiarized personalizations.
that change is not initially at hand.
ventilation seems to fill that space
with volumes of response rather than reflection and insight.
many people only know and live in the past continued.
for them, there is no spectral view,
no greater sense of cause or worth.
the real initial works is, ‘first person, face to face’,
as absolution from hidden agendas of prejudice and fear.
humanity has to come out of the closet of kept-ness.
the heart-brain has to be included in this process
of reconnection, people to people and face to face.
consensus has to pursue enlightened perspectives.
a free-space needs to be new-born for each one of us.
yes, we each are ourselves as humans with circumstance
but also we are of one race, one species amongst many.
the planet is not just a staging area or arena
for our oppression as an entitled act-out process.
governments hide in their vanity of control,
all news is leveraged if possible
towards prohibiting the discovery of true worth.
each one of us is only our next communication
and presence with that next person, every next time,
going forward until the message is no only communicated
but also conveyed.
there is poignancy in the air.
the feel of awakening is close at hand.
each person is that movement becoming conscious.
it is not only a step forward but also a step up
as a vaster vision and a deeper clarity of care
and involvement, out of need, to free up a heartfelt sense
for living that explores caring in more extensive ways
of how we do who we are and with whom
do we do that with, as an embrace of a future
that evolves us and provides for the planet itself,
in a sense of cohabitation, going forward in our time.

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