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Thursday, April 14, 2016

27th contemplation of desire 4/14/16

Desire dwells on the weighty side of light
where an ever so shallow breath
invites your kinesthetic attention.
It is there, for you to embrace the message,
for you to provoke passion from the unknown.
It is desire’s reveille interjecting.
This, as desire, is not the cart before the horse.
It is the living before the knowing.
It is what is drawn to you
rather than what you direct.
Although efforting is a popularized rewarding style, 
and parenting is a popularized logistical style
and retentive knowledge
is a popularized captivating style,
desire is a becoming style.
Accuse desire of trespassing on your conscious state
and there is little that you can do.
For accusations aside,
desire is a simple meal for growth
and not a supplement to take
for being on the mend . . .

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