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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

primal the truth 4/12/16

trying to catch the primal.
it is hardly behind a wink.
I have never seen it in a perfected smile.
pose has too much coaching
to be either present or be true.
I don’t like it
when instigated by face to face fights
or from the dedicated efforts of wars
or the outtakes from deep brewing conflicts
or the fermentations of prejudice cruelly surfacing
as if any had an ideological basis
other than fear personified by act outs
in those kinds of contexts.
I wanted to catch primal
as if from wild animals, up close
in their native claim
like eagles, an arm reach away,
that look straight past me, afar and detailing,
Polar bears close enough to appreciate the scale
of that savage innocent breathing a threatening gaze,
lions straight faced, deep eyes, a leap away and calculating,
elephants, exude so much, they see too deep to be bothered.
but not really the just of wild animals
but more so, unrestrained presence with emotion
as in humans, yes that primal expression,
coming from humans without the need for discord.
the language of primal as humans rarely display.
meaning beyond mindfulness,  
swept with immersion, emotional overwhelm
without dismay or apprehension or deduction.
evocative primal to awaken me,
to let my soul speak in a way
where I am not of the capture of reality,
where I convey my being beyond my knowing,
where that moment births me.
that is all I am trying to do.
behind all of the pretense of appearances,
this is what I’m asking for,
primal the truth out of me . . .

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