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Sunday, April 17, 2016

The slight from thought 4/17/16

We are consumed with the responsibility of taking experience personally. We are hard pressed on giving up on expectations and understanding as an end point solution. To discover that awareness has no shelf life obligation is not our prior conditioning. We are expansively un-boundaried empty-fullness. We are free to discover that there is no time about another time. There is only that which passes to appear in time. There is no conclusion that lives. Answers themselves live in the bleachers as audience of a self. The ‘now’ does not infer a sense of time. That language addresses us is removed from the presence of essence. That we have thoughts and say is independent from being of the one being. Quantum only has the action of now without further account. There is an enormity in which particulars freely come and go as instances, specifics, facts, details, nitty-gritties, finer points etc. that are generally held in timeframes that actually are only a fabrication away from the streaming of what would be referred to as all. There is a presumption of context, which calls forth a lesser frame set forth and in time. Even meaning is a kibitzer in the mind-room professing. In the ongoing, you can’t hold back but can feel contained. I have no more thoughts to share that sustain you as separate from me or all of the universe either . . .

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