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Sunday, April 3, 2016

an agent of means 4/3/16

I spiritually have warrior blood rising
as if ascent is the only way of living.
The deep of spellbound from within me
is for heart-driven motives to surface around me.
I am all alone, if not for the oneness of us all.
I find myself steadfast in that directive.
I have a hidden tantric nature but no need for excuses,
primal is a sacred language spoken from source.
For me, on my palate for human life-scapes,
everyone is the dance, the medium for love
whether they know it consciously or not.
I live for the collective to come into vision frame,
for the heart-brain to be a one-thought universal.
Where receptivity is a form of celebration,
where honor is self love shared into oneness,
I am a facility of mindfulness honoring.
For I give of radiance when thought provoked.
I am the maelstrom of motive versus motivation,
knowing they overlay, they intercourse, they cross-dress
and sometimes they paradox right before and within me.
I am an introverted extrovert of means
as I allow my emotions to hold court
as if they have jurisdiction and enabled override.
For my emotional child wants the story to be true,
all the characters to be real
and the outcome to realize a oneness of beings.
Where I am fragile, I am also steadfast strength.
I will stand up for my smallness as innocence admired.
I am not to be taken lightly or as light-hearted
as much as deeply dedicated to the light shown through.
The ultimate relationship in this lifetime
is with my higher self, conscious and realized.
From there, I give freely and serve to source your soul.
I am an agent of means, so secret and soulful . . .

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