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Friday, February 5, 2016

Water water everywhere 2/5/16

The intelligence of water works
outside of the time dimension.
Its communication network is inter-stellar
in nature.
Water for us, is our 7th sense
yet it deeply functions
outside of our time format.
Water is incoherent
with the rest of our mundane senses.
Water is working in a higher order of language
than our version of memory
and consciousness is familiar with.
We seem to lack the depth of intentionality
and conscious frequency development
to participate very often directly.
For us, unbeknownst,
water is our Holy Grail.
For us, knowledge is post cognitive
by nature and this is not so with water.
Water is genetically alive.
It is a kind of Akashic record
and functions as a universal cosmic hard drive.
Solar flares are timelessly interactive
with water directly and instantaneously so,
with no eight minute and some time-lapse
as with light from the sun!
Water produces its own version
of brain wave patterns
with instant communication connections.
The pursuit of these water brain waves
into a consciousness is superior
to our current cognitive brain function style.
We are about seventy per cent water
in an obvious way.
We are ninety-nine and some per cent
in a less obvious way.
We are water.
Yet, water water everywhere
and not a thought to think . . .

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