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Friday, February 26, 2016

for the sake of reflection 2/26/16

Let’s just say that 80 years old is the new 70
and 70 is the new 60 and 60 is the new,
maybe 52 and 52 is the new 44 or 42
and 42 years old is the new 34
and then 34 is the much improved 27 or 28
and 28 is the new 24 and 24 is the new smarter 21
and 21 is, say 18.
While 14 years old is the new 17
and 10 is the new 13 and 7 is the new 9
and 5 is suddenly the new 7 and 3 is 5 and 2 is close to 4
and 1 is sometimes nearly 2 and . . ., and . . . birth!
So what happen to that up-the-mountain-road climb
of dutiful cumulative experience!
Did our engines change
or the up-road get different modifications
or the scenery got way more interesting then before?
Did the mountain itself get taller
but the fueling efficiency more profound?
Did the human collective make this traveling roadshow 
somehow more artfully intriguing?
Is someone secretly editing
more of the life experience texts
for the broadcasts by lots of influential folks?
Wisdom used to be sort of a lockdown prize of aging.
But now, whatever still shots there were
that were so steadfast with meaning
as though preserved for those young-ins,
are yet now, in someway,
more of movies and documentaries
that are informative beyond their years.
The whole anecdotal format has shifted,
somewhat radically but in a low key way.
Look, for the sake of reflection,
what the hell is happening? 
(please discuss amongst yourselves,

damn! . . . and wonder in surmise . . . )

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