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Saturday, February 20, 2016

religion/spirituality 2/20/16

religion interprets from the shadows
of the eternal light
and calls it prayer.
spirituality walks in that light
and calls it life.
religion lives the life of dogma and doctrine
as conclusions that direct the journey
step by step towards the light.
spirituality searches for the light
to be in everything as going forward.
religion has order
and the observance of order
as a necessity ordaining as advancement.
spirituality features embrace
and the perception of being
in all things as advancing.
religion seeks a sense of devotion,
a rightness of effort
and a claim for getting there.
spirituality is seeking by devotion
a rightness without effort
and the discovery of here and right now.
religion is custodial
working towards cause-worthy.
spirituality is letting go,
letting integrity provide for itself.
spirituality in a religion
is a secret life moving towards undisturbed.
religion in a spirituality
is a fly in the ointment,
as anointing becomes tedious and task bound.
is there an interface?
yes one reads from the shadows
while the other looks for the endless glistening . . .

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