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Thursday, February 25, 2016

mind as if yours matters 2/25/16

you are not your think.
I know, it’s loud and constant
but consider it as somehow piped in
over an internal speaker system.

suffering is a time dimension presented
as a background song.
it gets louder as you get older
without even adjusting the volume.

the stigma of a linear mind
is that it gets you answers you out live,
logic that defines your limits,
and a one way ticket to who you think you are.

how the mind is mindful
is usually self-consciousness back-talking,
heed, up the ying-yang,
and last moments up on the internal screen
in slow fade as next moment inundates.  

the mind grip makes eventfulness
seem like the proper framing style.
of course, that replaces the moment itself
with outtakes of meaningful,
expectations’ override,
and the force of will, as habits
that do not take no for an answer.

so, thoughts are not the feet or the footwork
of going forward
but they need to be in step with
whatever inspiration, instinct, or intuition

that comes to play your tune . . .

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