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Monday, February 29, 2016

22nd contemplation of desire 2/29/16

Desire reveals an interior greenhouse gardener
that is presenting home-growns for closer observation. 
Desire can be seen as an outcast,
or a romantic realm traveler,
or a villan to the time-warden.
Desire spills stories in minute units of essence
that, by quintessential pheremones, satiates the senses, 
then surfacing as original cause.
Desire often shows the rational to be a petty mind. 
Desire, carried on the steadfast shoulders
of competent behaviors, gives lip service
to life in the dualities realm,
wherever desire is the first-person account
to leave us spellbound and in rapture.
Desire would easily be the original person of self
to give permission for an enlightenment yawn.

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