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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

evident is a sting operation 2/16/16

in the mind room, evident is a sting operation.
yup, as plain as day, an inside job.
you play most of the important roles within yourself.
reverse-sedition as into brainwashed
as you went with what you already believe to be so.
you have been programed to narrative,
as in, order from the menu, no matter what.
it is a sting operation as a deceptive operative.
There is no real bottom line,
no declared deepest motivation driving its outcome.
and news media is quite willing to fence it all.
you are not asked to deductively think it through well, 
think any of it through, at all.
all you are required to do is render a superficiality, 
grasped conclusions from previous assimilations,
build a list of outcomes that are familiar
and cursorily expect this into the mind phase.
The media, as the fence, thus acts as a middleman.
and the fence’s motive, which looks service oriented,
is to profit as in vying for your attention
which translates into audience
which converts into advertising
as part of their bait and switch procedures.
for example, deploying a bait car
which could be headlines or lead ins,
or use of a honey trap as in a seductive part of the story
told out front as an attention grabber
or use of a honeypot in which human interest stories
are presented to lure devoted attention
thus a captive audience
and lastly to provide apparent urgent information
which is assumed to be relevant 
and pertinent information to gain your endorsement
as by you listening in ongoing fashion,
thus furthering the audience for advertisement’s benefit
or ratings as they apply to profit.                                                      
Media, posing as someone who is seeking to cash in
as in presenting politically correct inferences
or media entrapment by luring with questions
to incite reaction or outrage or hyperbole as allowed. 
Bait and switch is always a contextual given.
coerced or induced questions are permitted
as if you are asking from a position of neutrality.
the overreach indictment presumed
is everybody is guilty until proven innocent
but then still by inference as somehow guilty
for being mentioned in conjunction with this
may be used later as reference material
if per chance another mention of said party is made. 
language itself is an antiquated pawn-con in this process.
it is a crux of the matter as if the attempt
is to just present the facts
although blame is in background residence.
Not all the facts are presented
but those chosen to enhance and incite
the audiences’ ongoing attention.
evident is the assumed blanket remark to be made

even without ever being spoken out loud . . .

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