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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

orderliness 2/10/16

oh.... for orderliness.
I live with a pride of orderliness
and I take them everywhere I go.
sometimes they run out ahead
and nearly impulsively task away,
almost humming playfully in effort and deed.
but I keep a stern eye and a low grade mumble
as if pissed at what apparently has correctional needs.
but secretly, it is a kind of peculiar symmetry
that I chase within the appearance of tedium
that moves me towards a passage of calm,
right before my eyes, as if once again.
lucky for me,
this vision-birth is of the next moments' fill
and I am taken for that animated ride
as if lifted by out of place clamor
and thus left-handed applause.
movement, my movement,
against the lay of this land
gives me acknowledgement as feedback
in the most private of ways
as if this is my solution to the sound
of me continuously hearing,
ever so resoundingly, one hand clapping . . .

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