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Monday, February 8, 2016

20th contemplation of desire 2/8/16

There is a sky ranch of self,
carefree of obligations,
holding one-handedly on to time.
There is this earth,
concrete as light can weigh,
holding on to down.
This is our residence, in comfort
and familiar parenting memories,
nose to the grindstone, holding on to now.
We are here, possibly as desire's guests,
giving forth life-presence as a living toast
of appreciative raves and glows,
for all that holds the conjecture
our attention can propose.
We intention the value maze experience
as a consciousness style.
There is blessedness, cosmetics,
imposing circumstance,
and we intend to earn,
hand over fist,
this as ours, as our inheritance,
in spite of our inherent-ness.
Therefore we have hired desire
as a couch-potato coaching style.

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