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Monday, February 1, 2016

if from your eyes 2/1/16

I meet up with your eyes
arresting, prominent, maybe even then, imposing
they are the real bow of the ship of your face
telling me what seas you have come through
telling me of your enigmatic relationship with waves
this takes me to a longer cast into seeing you
to see if you have compassion gained from the sky
if you know from the nuances of the ocean’s dialog
if you are patience beyond the ocean’s rhythms declared
facially you leave for me a map of your journey’s progress
where you are bold, I feel for the grip from your heart
where you are clam, I sense for the expanse of your vision
your view engraves me, I cannot look away
I am taken up within, even as I stand here before you
what of you that smolders also in honesty, fumes
there is passion making your face, without claiming so
with you I have an anvil made out of foresight pursued
what I take to my heart from you is love of self, revealed
this is honorable as it passes to me in silence, face to face
you don’t know me but I have traveled through your view
I am taken up by your heartfelt, served with your diligence
and your grace to be forthcoming ever so undisturbed
by your glance is now my permission to be for myself
and know we are of a cause that serves humanity
the universe is coming, I see it in your eyes
to be true . . .

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