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Friday, February 12, 2016

stage four 2/12/16

consciousness is a stage four.
of course, we are all on high alert.
recovery has invested in a sure fire plan.
western medical wants to talk symptoms.
the big-pharma, through its medical staffing,
preaches treatment and procedures.
insurance companies offer guided assurances.
for reality, stage four, is the diagnosis.
capitalism is the suggested process with protocols.
maybe this is only a method for buying time.
idle conversations are filled, steeped with concerns.
pundits needn’t bother with advise or commentary.
national media offers persuasions
of guidance and support.
(hospice offers unfinished sentences
with open-ended endings, plaintive relief,
and sunset services any time of the day.)
with consciousness, the illness, at this stage,
is reality, in dire straights and deeply distressed . . .

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