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Thursday, January 18, 2018

the lap of we 1/18/18

you fell into my lap
as an image on the screen
the pond of my mind
is where it surfaced
as if I was looking down to start
but then you there
against a forest before me
looking across, there you were
still within my inner viewing
fragrances of closeness
as if an intimacy arose
we are breathing the same air
inside out as if to unveil
the language of silence precedes
before I have formulations of words
you feel like a resolve
without limits,
steadfast in the ever-making
no matter the real distance
the harmonics travel with ease
either, to set off the other
this does not exist as memory
we are current, even if remote
time, for us, is so funny that way
absence does not make for gaps
next lines flow
without a sense of frame-brakes
I wish we were all humanity this way
what a species we would be
common mind and care
can’t make it happen
maybe it already is so
a need to be open for discovery
the lap of we is ready
surface when you can . . .

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