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Saturday, January 27, 2018

patience is the patient 1/27/18

patience is the patient.
for the observation of patience
is stillborn in every moment.
it is the act of patience
versus the art of patience.
one is looking at,
as if self-referentially
while the other is
what it is almost indifferent
to its self-awareness there of.
the reason for deed
is the compulsion of one
while the passion of presence
is the driver of the other.
willfulness can produce the behavior
but not the essence
that would be the draw.
go no further or go know further,
that that which drives one
is not the same
as that which draws one.
finding patience is not a call to arms.
true patience is full-out immersion
beyond claims or deeds.
for if the patient is resting comfortably
then patience is, at its core,
at peace within its broadcast . . .

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