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Sunday, January 28, 2018

joyless joy 1/28/18

joy is suffering’s experiential-version
of joyless joy.
for the experience of joy is resultive
as there is then
a reflection and search for cause.
meaning is asked to give assistance.
by then, past moments are bound
to be dressed up
in accountability’s renderings.
the true awareness of joy
is aftermath.
self-consciousness will see to that.
joyless joy has no surface
to conscious for.
it is impervious to interrogation of this sort.
it gives no appearances to events
as clamor.
joyless joy leads an inner life
beyond means.
there are no sag ways,
no interims, interludes.
what passes as notice,
does not penetrate
to joyless joy’s source.
experience steals versions
as storyable accounts.
the mind is rabid in its needs
of deeds and account.
but joyless joy is senseless, timeless
and without outcomes
towards surfacing.
joy to the world,
but joyless joy is spirit
as the seamless adventure . . .

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