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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

becoming 1/23/18

becoming is the event horizon
as if existence in time actually occurs.
and the phenomenon is rather observance
and not of the presence itself.
ongoingness does not feature itself.
isness has no self audience.
experience, as a technique,
fashions the craft of the close watch,
a self account, the fabric of the story-line,
the unseen functional normative,
into a narrative of the mind scape.
becoming is a viewer enterprise,
a side-bar referential,
made into understanding’s preach.
as if talk ever served a higher purpose
is assumed.
becoming is nothing more than the ever unfolding
as if a linear humankind version is adequate.
we assume a train of thought has to come our way
before we can get on it.
and then we participate as passengers only
circuitously going from an A to a B
as if linear thinking provides any more
than remarks from bystanders
about what is framed as an event.
becoming is all about wardrobe choices,
mirror views reflectively
and a commandeered sense of purpose
in defense of account.
becoming is the event horizon
as we have invented it
in a substitutional way.
we are the isness
but also in conscious denial.
becoming is our locational means
promoting that denial,
but in good stead
anything coming into mass is mystical to us.
our sensory range never lies
but also cannot tell the whole truth
in a first person sort of way.
otherwise there would be no becoming.
instead a wisdom of being
would consciously thrive ongoing.
then time would be the next concept
to dismantle out of our existence.
working on that whittle-down
until we are just, the oneness . . .

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