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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

blind of expectation 1/16/18

the blind of expectation
as if the hunt was and has the future
sighting the past is
as the hunt of the now
by naming it
as the immediacy kill of the now
where decoys become ploys
and camouflage is as projection
you can only bag
what belief offers
the hunt from the scope of hope is on
the quarry is others in their act outs
all this happens
within the mindful field of schemes
expectation is more than just seasonal
we all have the training to be snipers
make those contracts
as if expectation was just a cosign
all becoming contractually bland
hoping spontaneity sinks over boat
or floods are notion of perusal
wake up
it’s time to get your gear on
and go hunting for a meaningful day . . .

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