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Thursday, April 12, 2018

zest beyond the burn 4/12/18

there is a zest from within for the unknowable.
our thrive is alive, deeply embedded with it.
we want to take off our minds
and swim in the beyond of it-all,
to be always wet and un-dryable.
a zeal always present here 
and also after any sense of comprehension.
want for a steely zen-of-focus
but beyond a state of mind.
next moments are not of it or by dosage, even enough.
to never the state of diamond
but ever the mysterious, reflected.
to be of the great whole 
that mass can never fully occupy
beyond in the sightless flame of yearning.
is this then the source of the call-out
but without the emptiness of listening?
no more just the reflected light
but seriously
the essence of flame-mystery coming forth. 
to fully exist one-candle-power beyond know.
is this the answer 
to the mindfulness as always contradictions?
the burn as ever isness and expansion?
having no residence but everywhere?
to disrobe from definite and finite?
having no functional organs but the one?
to feel like are a unified rigor, 
sweating out the fuming of truth
but lost in the tasks of self, 
as enterprise . . .

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