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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

to give up the know 4/10/18

the universe cannot be understood 
by the means we use as understanding.
our think is not a constant answer as we claim.
our focus may only be a fixed lens of comprehension,
as long as we pursue linear thinking as reward.
we are image seeking as audience, as understanding.
some of the rules for this knowledge base
put us at a distinct distance from participation.
observation, as a technique, implies some of 
or similar undisclosed operational rules 
that align in function towards analysis by their usage.
but to know is not to be.
so the nature of self-consciousness 
is radically distant from the stream of pure consciousness.
the riddle of self only becomes 
the lens inherited by observation towards understanding
and then the assumptions generated by it.
yet understanding, as a medium of human participation, 
does not overcome this handicapping strategy.
understanding should not a telescope or a microscope 
but when really realized as only a mirror reflecting
the techniques used by us 
to fulfill our separate-from observational process.
until the mirror is genuinely multidimensional 
in its reflecting 
and not cast as strictly observational 
but be, more so, deep and dark penetrating, 
the riddle of intelligence 
is myopic, unrealized or under-dimentionally apprehending 
as if and of itself 
and the essential self of its only intelligent self-inquiry.
investigation by another process 
would yield direct immersion 
as a form of vibrational understanding. 
if that word, intelligence,  
still had functional usage and involvement.
at that point of discovery, 
beyond the use of intelligence, 
there are no relevant details necessary, 
account, if needed, is not linear, 
and understanding would be deeply immersive 
not yielding results 
but direct participation 
as a first-person dynamic member of the universe, 
respectful and participatory 
of the universe more directly 
for how we occupy it now
as to then would be quite differently. 
not that we would occupy mass, for then, in the same way 
or be content with spoken language 
in its usage stance of now
or even think for then as if to generate thought.
we seem to be cursed by these crutches we use 
and that we momentously honor 
with much continued usage, 
we call them our best qualities 
as if they individually exist as attributes,
each unto it self. 
experience, as it functions now, is painful. 
but that pain and sorrow occurs loudly 
only in other unheard of dimensions of our beings.
what is tragic, is our placement in time and space 
as if religious and respectfully for us to be perceive. 
at some point, flat-line observation and perspective 
will fade away, out of a lack of functional usage.
until then, we have know and not know, 
fighting this invisible battle 
within each of us 
for operational drawnness.
so, what will it take for any of us
to give up the know,
our positions of separateness from 
everything perceived as around us,
to more fully embrace, immerse, 
and be? . . .

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