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Monday, April 2, 2018

me into we 4/2/18

you are so much of me
to me
as an unrecognized me
to me
in you, so also
as in me.
why are we the plague of separates,
the religion of sidedness,
the conversationals,
one to the other.
all of these solids
as stateables,
as images in passing.
we truly live on the other side of unconnected
where the meltdown of us is pure liquidity,
not just residing in thought
nor emotion commonly bred.
we are all only of a Siamese-like connection,
beyond the evidential,
yet hanging out,
in the outpost of physical denial.
we are so much of we
to we
as unrecognized we to we,
both in the awe of you
as in the awe of me . . .

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