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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

the gun gene 4/9/18

what is the answer to gun control?
the answer is as removed 
as the genome is still an ongoing process.
maybe it is not the gun originally
but other implications brought forth
from childhood imprinting.
not the actual experience directly
but the impetus for enlisting fear 
combined with untold  anger 
deeply residing in that very private personal residence.
the venting goes on inwardly, almost unnoticed. 
it is in-house and voluminous yet acutely confidential,
and very culturally prohibited, 
so it exists in sincere secret isolation,
as in “I get so angry I could kill”.
as irrational as that is, it exists with emotional carriage
hidden away in an internal prominence.
not all people are like this in composition, 
not always with such depth of severity
but for some, it does.
and it scares also them internally to know.
it is as dangerous in a similar way
as one’s personal thoughts of suicide.
it wanders, much the same, as in the idleness of living.
energetic truths that see no light and get no clarity.
dynamics that go unchecked and therefore unresolved.
painfully first-person unattendedness, by anyone else,
either as audience or confidant or therapist in reserve.
here lives is a canary in the cave, 
eventually not afraid of the darkness 
but fear the potential exposition from within oneself.
the issue or the topic at hand is never the real cause
but only the fertile disguised trigger for release.
it is existing as concealed almost as within a gene.
the rhetoric that surrounds it, is an illogical disguise.
yet victimhood is sometimes the disguise of an aggressor.
control, as a goal, is often the impetus to regard.
the claim is protection but fear is the driver.
where in the first person it can be said, 
“I known myself as weak,
I can come to a fear driven logic to defend.
but where I secretly hurt,
I can create audience in a deadly fashion.
I got release but no relief.
my story still binds me as it goes unanswered.
clarity was never an element in my early life.
and so I made up my own method of truth.
I have a right to fear others and therefore to bear arms.
deep-set anomie is part of my cultural heritage.
my privacy of self-kept prejudice is a stable element.
to live in my judgment may be seen as a sign of character.
not that I know this but was indirectly told
that right versus wrong is my method 
of internal administered self-cutting.
this gun gene, when told about it, 
is my internal but concealed psychic tattoo.
I have the right to fear by whatever means serves me.
all of this for me, 
is yet to be demystified by good conscience.
look, we are all a closet full of mystery and apprehension.
fear, undisclosed fear, is still my primary driver
though it is not taking me to the promised land.
I heed a-guard-against as my reptilian brain success.”
imagine that there is not enough human momentum gathered yet
for an empathy and a compassion shift.
something as deep in us as the discovery of the gun gene
is yet to be radically altered or corrected.
all events that happen like this
are hard to address 
when buried in our cultural darkness.
everyone has a light-switch
but that turn-on for everyone 
has got to be across the culture seen
for really having human worth 
to pursue with a genuine clarity for all 
who might possibly suffer 
from the possible damage from the gun gene. . . 

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