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Saturday, April 28, 2018

how blame is an anthem 4/28/18

in the achievement of aftereffects as stand-alones,
how can blame be so mentally monumental?
as if it is the popularization of a wardrobe 
for interested bystanders to wear.
undisclosed venting is seen as its own reward.
seething is given an opportunity for display.
but how to address the topic-less real issues?
how to take ownership, 
not of the water itself, but the flow?
impedance is as the unnatural, but domineering.
the achievement of control without authentic reprisals
is to stir the boiling pot as if to let off steam.
blame is but subterfuge as the impotent offing.
that we should all gather to cut onions and cry
would be more in the order of correction and release.
blame is a patriotism, loyal to its seductive cause.
blame is a myopia of commonly held beliefs. 
for no depth will come from the presentation of blame.
insight is then living on fumes.
if people gather, topic –bound, 
then blame is in the audience looking for life-like accord.
that we gather in judgment is the disease.
not topic or issue that binds us,
but the positions we collectively take as next steps,
that is in the stir of unspeakable agreement. 
to live ceremoniously at affect
for description as outrage
is a negative complimentarianism at work.
blame can never address source 
but only evident outcomes.
what is the attention span of an audience atmosphere?
blame is a form of impotent entertainment justified.
it is putting out the fire with more fire,
ending the flood with more water,
grasping into the topic with more newsworthy rhetoric.
such is the blame-song sung with allegiance.
we are all well-trained reactionaries when topic bound.
blame is superficiality at its worst.
that I blame is grounds for a deeper truth to surface.
who has the resources to make it so?
every blame forthcoming is a knock at that door . . .
(what is that song of spirit, 
sung as allegiance, 
to beckon the honoring of soul?)

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