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Monday, April 16, 2018

the bouquet of me 4/16/18

I made you a bouquet 
of all the high-points of my life
as if created of memories, 
but it is not.
I took all those highpoints 
and retrieved the lessons learned
and the blessing disguised, 
then received.
and from those, 
I wrapped each
in the spiritual awareness of my being gained
to enter into the deepest places within me.
from there, I anointed and consecrated
each blossom, 
thus arranged
so that when you received
you would come to know me differently
as by the esoteric scent, 
the mystical colors, 
the bold uniqueness of my inner display,
gathered both from the road 
I have impressionistically traveled 
to harvest and present these
and from the being who wondrously grew 
in response, 
yet present within them.
and although it is a quiet-flourish
of my etheric human nature,
it is my richness in ever-so secret a display.
just for you, 
who have the sightedness 
to see me from within.
hand held, in the heart of your heart,
as your tears given then 
provide for each bud of me
to be further nourished
as if by your consecrating gaze
at any future moment 
of your spiritual face to bouquet attending . . .

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