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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

seeing for my self 4/18/18

my eyes have come to flat-speak see
audience appraisal as governess
it is a prominence now 
to find name-ability immediately
to identify as a situational need
to sight as if from a safe distance
only invited to an eavesdrop premise
a preeminence to move towards appraisal
being in a summational mood,
make a gathering of particulars
that appear to render towards a full account
actual participation has migrated into viewership
the assumption of world-as-play is vanishing
fun is not a given, but propositional
one is needed to be tempted to participate
looking for cues to ask or request for review
this frame of sight has shifted 
from seeing to viewing
from being to watching
there is an air of surveillance 
hiding but inwardly mindset present
my eyes have taken up for-what-cause
ascertainment, assessment, 
the glee of considerations 
as for the gathering of concerns and regards
all of this as ever so sharply drawn
as now the leading edge of sightedness
is wondrously bound by all of this
esthetic appreciation fights back
for a front row seat
the immediacy of participation is more restrained
sight is now become keenly observational
maybe I need to close my eyes to feel safe
to be one without incessancy
sight is so nonstop
as a process of considerations to be made
I wanted sight as gaze, as contemplative
as the initial stages of embrace and immerse
as my inner me finding sanctuary
by sight bringing me the surround 
as now aware, expressing my inner me
but now I have to look deeply into your eyes
dismiss everything else as distraction
and find myself by your residence in me
that’s what I originally wanted from sight
from looking out and seeing . . .

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