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Saturday, April 7, 2018

the best poem 4/7/18

the best poem 
that I never wrote down, happened.
that which was illusive 
became invisibly lucid.
motion that had no form 
was smiling back to me.
everything around me hung in place
without the need for gravity.
all still-points were illumined,
addressing my presence 
by igniting my being reflected off of them.
all sensory input became energetic greeting lines,
eventually becoming deeply the fill of embracing.
every singular thing, presented from awareness
was a drum-skin, in subtle reverberation.
all motion was the only substance before me 
ever presenting as worth.
the only distance present was movement, 
as the call of evocatives,
for becoming emerged into vastness.
everything upon inspection was intimate titillation. 
sensory stopped being an introductory process.
the intoxication of oneness fully arrived.
every percussion of recognition, 
became a soothing pool. 
and each pool, 
another tear of joy
that embarked me upon this journey,
away from my view from within separateness.
now there is no difference 
between tremble and flutter,
even soothe coming into bask,
audience as a viewing style
is left behind for emergence.
experience itself was only in the chrysalis stage.
for here, there are unifying themes 
with no particulars,
no steadfast purpose,
as persuasion has no paddles, 
for all as a means is current in the flow.
all language’s taunts are but breadcrumbs 
floating along the way.
and this pathway has no definitives for direction.
if I could give you a mirror to look into,
all your reflections would be of blossom.
surrender would be your essence forthcoming.
every beach-sand moment of your self, 
would be filled with smiling ocean.
discovering that truth 
is the evaporative of essence ascending.
for sacred exists beyond normal experience’s grasp.
inward is the universe.
outward is the manifest.
thus we all function 
under the crux of matter . . .

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