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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

you and your business 4/11/18

you are before the phenomenon of you.
your experience is only the belated curator.
before you were a you, you were.
you are all of time,
but appearing now, as only in time.
before your invention 
of the inventory of your identity,
you were already a you.
the wardrobe of self 
is only for false-appearance sake.
the beauty of this displacement
is for referential discovery,
both in it and of itself.
you can’t know-and-be at the same time
in a linear mind way of being.
flashlight on, flashlight off,
is the definition of our darkness personified.
as long you are sensory dependent,
truth is confirmationally reliant
on first-person second-hand accounts.
thus the wardrobe of self
is reflected into the reality-mirror.
if all of this was profoundly demystified
you would not claim a you,
and yet still overwhelmingly be . . .

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