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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

where nowhere exists 6/20/17

if experience was contentless
what would there be?
would the focus be on the experiential as means
then the persuasion of delivery
with the fallback on cause or concern
by the vast framelessness pouring,
featuring fade from the initial scorching fury of search,
vacuum exuding from pointless surround,
a kind of sensory blindness
without the cane of contrast,
a freefall of implication and logical decree,
a mindfill of not-given permission
as permission without beginning’s temperament,
a pointlessness of retention feeding on impulse
while acquisitional emptiness abounds
as the unreferenced spontaneous is in return,
as where without location,
why without a timeline or cause,
who or what without frame or identify.
the dimensions of experience are existing
as evaporative soup
in a bottomless, brimless vortex of bowl
with no sense for hunger or thirst,
no grasp, only a viscosity to being . . .

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