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Monday, June 5, 2017

to be made clear 6/5/17

how to clean up the mess made by self-consciousness
on the path to consciousness.
how the residents: beneath, behind and above
are of before, during and after.
so when does presumption take its first breath
as present, evident and assuming?
when does belief take its last breath
and depart as bygones without remiss?
how does nostalgia bloom
and flower out of memory?
is time ever then the liquid of nurturance,
and feelings our senses of need?
if I move on from then
what is the construction of left-behind?
and if I come into here
what is the construction of new-found?
and do particulars, any particulars of mention,
have an allegiance to my story unfolding?
is the phrase, “gone are the days”,
a remark made about my memory,
an assumption of situations
or the movement of time in appraisal?
and just to be made clear,
is complete comprehension of the phrase,
“all ducks in a row”,
where ‘all ducks’ are identification,
‘row’ is linear thinking,
and this phrasing of itself,

is a form of objectification?

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