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Friday, June 30, 2017

slap me 6/30/17

in an amazingly crowded environment
a open hand rose up and slapped me,
palm-side, flush on my face
sounding as if it were one hand loudly clapping
I was shaken for a moment and stunned,
but by then a thousand hands near by
began clapping also, all together
as if it were an ovation
and the ovation continued unendingly
as if it were done with forthcoming gratitude
and with this streaming of gratitude,
it awakened the spirit of my being
as if head-wise from within,
I had become the other hand of that original clap
that started these applause
that lead to this unceasing show of gratitude
that now became invisibly,
the pouring of our collective oneness of spirit
and we are now forever
as an inward cheering,
going forward together,
beyond the exhibition offered by time . . .

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