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Saturday, June 17, 2017

observation 6/17/17

observation functions much like a press pass,
not instrumentally involved by presence or action
but all eyes and ears
are looking to create hot topics
out of recontextualization as it serves my needs.
stimulation is about pick and choose.
I have a sense of permission to be here
but not obliged to formally participate.
I spectate and cogitate.
I am somewhat numb to be integral aspects,
not asked, not wanted, not seen as needed,
just surveying for parts and pieces to be meaningful.
my understanding is really a collage,
a hodgepodge of streamings and amusing to me.
I have my consensual right to do so,
after all, experience is a birthright
and mind-fill is an obvious means.
I take an amusing interest in understanding
but there is a vagueness to my sense of involvement.
I am a bystander in a drive by mode
there is generally an impotence to my participation
I am a one-minute sketch
of an every second of hologram happening.
that I derive is my business, privately edited.
sure you may give me a song book
but I might only skim and inadvertently hum.
participation is a whole other method of attendance.
observation has a whole camouflage of intentions
and a privacy of means . . .
(observe me and you will learn . . .)

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