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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

where for are thou 6/6/17

where tears that want to stand up
as being meaningful
are too strong to be denied as meaningless.
where self love realized,
is living the isness
beyond the after-path of others.
where taking breaks from the shadow-side of burdensome
is being from beyond where wherewithal can’t hum.
where mesmerized tells the story of itself
that cannot be denied.
where long slow breathing takes over
the sky counseling a sea of contention.
where invisible hands are held compellingly together
deeply by the weave of compassionate composure
where all the puzzle pieces of life fit snuggly
into a blanket of safekeeping.
where the night sky calmly keeps secrets
that the daylight would blab to every one.
where the forest of your surround
gives you undivided full attention.
where the suitcase of now is fully packed
and, in all ways, is ready to go.
where the menu of imminent time-approaching
can be ordered from, with full self assurance.
where to believe in one’s thoughts
has passage as well as adequate carriage.
where there is the depth of being necessary
to have illogicals have equal access.
where muddledom has expressive confirmation.
where languaging only works towards inclusiveness.
where the thought process leads to the convergence
of a group think, unnecessary to be said out loud.
where all details come to celebrate cause.
where bargains live in the land of extinctions
and caring thrives on opportunities.
so where are thou(?)
is where no one is found standing in the shadow of hope
and no one is newly lost
in the sorrow of singular nowhere enterprise . . .

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