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Thursday, June 15, 2017

the ride to the void-full 6/15/17

when this spacial tide’s surge comes in
and the nervous system is affirming
presence has no positions of right or wrong
the stories that implicate time are erroneous
there is no time dimension forwarded
for this impact to be full and fruitful
every now that you have ever come close to being
arrives in full investiture without frame
knowing that you know is a given without request
occupancy is not self referential in the least
understanding has no fine print of worth reporting
if embrace, it feels like expansion
all that articulates seems to be of the same song
the sweep is self inclusive without notice
other worldly is a false claim but never mentioned
ascendency has no recoil for this launch
drawn-ness would be the claim if any audience
that which was still-point freestanding
is an enormity of motion beyond refinement’s grasp
it passes through where you were you
until you are not who you thought you were
for then into now had no compliment of time
volume presents without declaration as existence
for nothing of this nature is a mind grab
your heart has this intelligence
without the need of answers
for here, there is no emotion that has a face
where feelings aren’t in need to speak the truth
in this way, you know of everyone as one
a knowing without edges, articulation or contrasts
that there is of this now before now had dimension
the return has no departure to re-embrace
no shortcuts, no remakes or recoveries
no retells, no remembrances or for-give-me’s
this sweep, as if motion, has no time
as the frigidity of experience thaws
where you were oxygen as blood
and hydrogen as cellular
that danced you dimensionally alive
you are the slow evocative convulsions of being
brought deeply headfirst headlong
into the being of nonbeing
the existence of nonexistence
the solidarity of nothing basking in nothingness
the here of nowhere but here
and the void as a fruitful awareness, undisclosing . . .

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