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Thursday, June 8, 2017

emotionally, it snowed 6/8/17

emotionally, it snowed.
making labored tracks,
trudging through the deep of it
makes for knee-high monoliths
of tall negative downward projecting space
and subsequent trailing scarification
for the hounds of mind-smitten wind
to track down and encouragingly fill in
by attention’s wind-flood effort
by the tramplings of chilly air in passing.
no one reverse images this landscape
to see the three dimensional transcript
boldly left in passing.
it is not like rug-burns
on a third party thereafter.
it is not like spilled soup
on a mosaic tiled kitchen floor.
this is of deep feelings in invisible script,
carved with slow, step by step passage.
it is now a trail of reverse image search.
a series of standout upside down emotional mesas
deliberate of direction,
set to impact in uniform scale,
with the theme heading off
into white-scape oblivion.
heartfelt sky-walkers would search
the earth’s emotional surface
for a sight to track like this.
following negative space
in search of positive results.
which one of us has not done that?
every emotional snowfall
lends itself to a task just like this.
being earth-bound ground down
but becoming high spirited
along the emotional journeyed way. . .

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