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Sunday, June 18, 2017

what provides 6/18/17

familiarity is the prison of permission
expectation is the warden of anticipation
doing time is a full lifespan
your senses translate towards verdict
cognition is the authorative costume worn
all decisions are fixations of the drab
looking inward is light into a hellhole
language spoken are the jangles of the shackles
if you were to venture out into the prison yard
self-consciousness is a diamond weed
as the contraband of the predicament
freedom is only a mockery of prison life
as falsifying walls of dreams where distain concurs
memory retention reinforces the impact of crime
self-judgment is the constant reminder of the verdict
each day is only the height of the walls in surround
humming to yourself is the only happiness
it is a lit candle held sacredly as a single flame
no one else can see it clearly
you realize that no one else can blow it out
dark shadows reflected from that flame
are the comedy of your life portrayed
your interpretation has no boundaries
the act out means little to next to nothing
but surprisingly the inner sight gained
from that shadow-work perceived
puts one at the center of the universe
where all artifacts are essentially adoring
all spin and whirl are efforts at embrace
the invisible to others is that sacred manifest
familiar has no shelf life of existence
expectations have no voice or leverage there
all original thought is prayer devotedly offered
behind the subterfuge of content claimed
consciousness is the diamond faceted from living
self-consciousness is but facet in reflection
memory is massively reinforced determinism
judgment is but still shots,
done in black and white contradictions
and that humming, is your life-force on the burn
for the lit candle as you
provides for the inner sightedness
blessed afforded by the shadow-work pursued
where you are at the center of the universe
no more at the mercy of what experience provides . . .

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