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Sunday, June 25, 2017

the beauty switch 6/25/17

there is no beauty.
there is only the experience of beauty,
an external large scale signal
to an internal turn-on switch
on the inner-self mother-board.
ah, the experience of beauty,
outward validation for these inward feelings.
feel secured that you have an excuse
or method of account,
for why you’re feeling that way ongoing.
beauty rides shotgun to the world.
that beauty is only a reflection
of an inner state of your being
that otherwise goes on unnoticed.
unacknowledged and muted to the world
but the concept and then the actuality of beauty
and you have cover and account
for the self-intimacy involved and then shown.
there is no beauty of itself in nature or otherwise.
it is we who have that reflection of within
that is disguised as beauty seen, experienced
when the energetic truth is
that beauty is oneself realized,
in homage to the world around,
reflected in acknowledgment.
so beauty lives, as a reflection
from what is within yet realized,
by its presence, in the surround . . .

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