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Thursday, May 24, 2018

wealth does not exist 5/24/18

there is no such thing as wealth
there is no standalone lurking as wealth
wealth is an observational term
applied by a position of separate from 
and cognitive summary there-abouts
real wealth, if that be so, as a term
only exists as ongoing isness
that wealth exists
is only by the channeling of it 
as spirit giving presence
as a consciousness means
experience of wealth is both flow engendered
and flow in immersion
wealth, as a term,
is a fascination 
but only as an audience-perspective
wealth is a livingness 
but we have taken still-shots
and developed a phraseology for the wealth of it
wealth is in the language of separatism
a term of objectification endearment
as if, “I’d like to be in the surround of wealth”
not realizing the distractedness of such a claim
wealth is always a dress-up existence
we have it that wealth is power
that it is a drug of volition, desire, wish or dare
that it is all around us by its distractive means
yet it does not exist
only by a sensory means and a mindful method
does wealth have a life 
that we are in audience to . . .

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