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Friday, May 4, 2018

reality written 5/4/18

the intake from experience is a placebo reality.
all is attempt at warm blankey and then lights out.
then is now as time spent alone with the energetic truth,
that which does not register with real-world cursory logic,
that which is personally weighted 
with the intimately indulgent but impactful unknown.
the self of privacy is with idiosyncratic concerns
yet all of everything that is inwardly spoken 
needs to be uniquely energetically decoded.
what is self made of that one’s act-outs represents?
how does one acquire and maintain permission to be?
self-compromise is a confusing inner process 
never to see the light of day in another’s eyes.
who bothers with these details of self 
in the projection of worldly encounter?
each of us is pure-wow but undisclosed.
each of us is an illustrious snowflake, 
before the reality-take as the meltdown.
each of us had to winterize into birth
before we summarize by living it alive.
all I ever wanted 
was the presence of being 
given me, from everyone 
that awareness offers me
a way before 
their story becomes reality written . . .

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