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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

there is only one verb 5/1/18

all I can initially be 
is an intimate audience 
for the expressing of 
how you do 
who you are.
I focus past 
the distraction of differences
to be in tune from within.
what makes sense, then passes.
that you are ever forthcoming
is more than magnetic.
maybe we are mirroring
off of each other 
into an expanded sense 
of oneness.
no claims to be made.
attending is devotion.
fervor has no turn on-turn off switch.
caring is a sidebar observation.
mentoring is a give and take.
there is a greater whole
that expresses us, 
than us.
vice is always versa.
identity circulates between
the amid of us, 
being us.
go figure unfolds of itself.
that which essentially has no beginning
fundamentally also has no end.
love is a form of objectification
when placed in this,
as a subtext.
we live as the diversity
of one verb.
every act-out is a pretend.
go-find-me seems to be a directive.
leaning-in is introspection
as if meditative.
how sacred is the obvious?
everything interpreted
is second-hand information.
to be audience 
is eventually a surrender.
intimacy is a self-love rendering.
experience is eventually memory 
in foreclosure.
maybe we live for the pouring out
from what elixir that we become . . .

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